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Resolve "configurable study fields"

Piotr Gawron requested to merge 339-configurable-study-fields into master

Closes #339 (closed)


The changes can be summorized as follow:

  • study configuration allows to add custom field to StudySubject.
  • every StudySubject has set of values for custom fields in the study
  • custom field can be of following type: text, integer, double, boolean, date, select from predefined list, file
  • StudySubject files are uploaded to separate folder defined in - this folder should not be accessed by WhiteNoise/nginx/apache - there is upload_files view that allows to download content of the file if user is authenticated
  • custom field can be marked as read-only, obligatory, unique (in a study)
  • custom field can have default value defined
  • urls for adding new subject, exporting subjects, fetching data about subject from API contain study_id - this was required for newly implemented tests
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